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There are tipycal restaurants and pizzerias. You can start with some supli or arancina, then eat the thicker Sicilian pizzas, or some fresh fish, and taste the sublime Sicilian Wine, than finish with a traditional Sicilian sweet dessert such as cannoli!


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Welcome to Sciacca

Sciacca Therme is an ancient and peaceful town with its thermal baths and fishing port. Founded in the 7th century BC by the Selinuntini which made it into their health resort, in the middle ages it was transformed into a flourishing industrial and commercial centre. Artistic works of notable interest especially of the medieval and baroque peiods are conserved here. Sciacca's fame in modern times comes from her renowned hydromineral resources and to the famous Monte San Calogero natural vapour and sweat grottoes. In addition to the enchanting landscapes, the rugged beauty of an indented coastline, to the sandy beach and to the luminosity of sea Sciacca has also a gentle healthy cliamte which makes it an ideal place for health cures, for holidays and for tourism.

Photo by Leonardo Dimino The real heart of the town centre is steeped in history and ancient architecture of Moorish and baroque style, with picturesque alleyways and courtyards. The upper part of the town was constructed in a way reminiscent of many North African towns, with a labyrinth of houses and streets, some of which can be narrow enough to fit only a single person at a time.

If you make it up until 2 in the morning from about 2-4 in the morning it is traditional to go to the pasticceria to buy fresh cornettos (croissants and sweets). These are fresh out of the oven and melt in the mouth, sometimes filled with ricotta, or cream, or chocolate.
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The Sea

The sea at Sciacca is considered to be one of the cleanest in all Italy. To the west of Sciacca is Capo San Marco, a huge sweep of sandy beach which is well equipped with all facilities, including beach bars and parking. San Marco is very popular amongst the young and has a lively atmosphere. You can also find small sheltered beaches, ideal for families. Approximately 7 km from Galati on te east cost there is a beach called Timpi Russi that is one of these quieter beaches. It is not very busy and there is no bar or loud music. Photo by Leonardo Dimino

Lo Stazzone is an area down by the port where you will find a row of bars for the evenings. It has a lovely harbour walk, a games room, small bars on the harbour front and parking facilities.

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